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won Best Picture (among others)

Christopher Bourque – Sound Engineer


It’s been two decades since my introduction to the world of professional audio but my passion for sound began somewhere around the ripe old age of 9. It was the year I was given my first guitar, and from then, my world would revolve around sound. Mostly self-taught, I spent my youth listening to music and deciphering the components of the sounds beaming back at me. I was floored by everything I heard. Once I made it to college I discovered that there was a career to be had in what I was doing all those years with my guitar sitting in front of a boom box - listening. While in a Recording Arts program, I served my internship with the Sugar Hill Studios learning the craft of engineering as well as how to handle artists in a session.


After college, I was hired as a part-time engineer for the local classical NPR affiliate KUHF recording remote sessions with chamber groups, The Houston Grand Opera and The Houston Symphony. In addition to that I was hired full-time as an ADR engineer for a company that specializes in dubbing Japanese animation called ADV Films. It was the best of both worlds working in music and film but it was brief, as the full-time job soon became an extended hours position as ADV entered an aggressive growth period. It would come to shape the majority of my experiences in the world of audio for film.


I helped ADV plan, build and maintain one of the most robust post production facilities in the region built on Avid’s flagship storage area network. It was a key component that allowed the company to propel itself to the forefront of the industry and become the 4th largest distributor of DVDs in the U.S. It was an invaluable experience in which I learned a lot about the technical and artistic process of making movies as well as how to manage a team that can get movies to completion.


Although the education of learning how to administer personnel and highly complex technology can be exciting, it became apparent that the role of a manager pulled me from what initially brought me to this field in the first place. I was missing the creative components that made engineering interesting work. So, I have turned the page to the next chapter and have committed myself to work full-time as a freelancer. My goal is to work on unique projects that can keep both of my hemispheres exercised with art and technology. Movies, music, shorts, features, recording, mixing, mastering, sound design…I’ll do them all. And love every minute of it.

If it involves sound, I can help you.

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